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a very bad thing about hatsune miku project diva f 2nd


Like many turbonerds in the U.S., I picked up Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd this week. I got the Vita version, as I did with the first Project Diva f since I played all the other Project Diva games on the PSP.┬áThe new Project Diva is good. It’s fun and pretty and there’s lots to do. I don’t have any complaints except one thing: STAR NOTES.

Star notes are bad and dumb. They were present in the first Project Diva F, but there’s something about them in F 2nd that makes them even worse, which I’ll get to later. For those who don’t know, star notes are notes that, instead of pressing a button, you have to swipe the Vita screen to hit them. On the PS3 version, you flick the control sticks instead. You can also change the controls so that you can flick the sticks to hit them on the Vita version too. However, in both control schemes, star notes require you to move you finger(s) to a different part of the respective controller than the rest of the notes. It’s uncomfortable and feels like an interruption in the pace of the song. With using BOTH the touch screen controls and the stick controls, there have been multiple cases in which I’ve missed star notes that I didn’t actually miss. The controls work most of the time, but “most of the time” isn’t good enough, especially in a rhythm game where you have to be precise. In fact, rhythm games are probably the worst game genre to introduce special controls that work “most of the time”. Including Star notes is a bad idea.

That isn’t the worst part though. Project Diva F 2nd introduced a **NEW** feature with star notes. Now, they have star notes that are linked together in a chain (pic below). I don’t even know what they’re called so I’m gonna refer to them as “chained star notes” from now on. There is an extremely bad thing about these notes and I can’t believe they thought it was okay to put it in the game. The chained star notes move at different speeds than the rest of the notes in the song and there is no way to tell how fast they’re going to move beforehand. By the time you adjust to the speed, you’ve already missed a note or two. This is a fucking awful mechanic. Imagine playing a rhythm game where you don’t know when you’re supposed to hit the notes.


this is the dumb chain star note things

tl;dr the game is good but star notes are bad and dumb